Fahrenheit 666


An artist book project by Paolo Danese and Algimantas P. Kaveckis.
The pdf book is available to download for free scanning the QR code.

 qrcode_small ‘Fahrenheit 666’ refers to the idea of controlling information. Book is one of the main information source which affects human society. Through books people form their knowledge, look on the world.
The artist’s book project ‘Fahrenheit 666’ was inspired by Ray Bradbury book ‘Fahrenheit 451’, and also by Francois Truffaut movie ‘Fahrenheit 451’ (1966) which was based on the original book of R. Bradbury. The main concept of the R. Bradbury’s book is controlling society through books. Books are destroyed to stop information spreading. Author was inspired by real models in the history like nazi or soviet regimes.‘Fahrenheit 666’ questions books value in 21st century. Now modern society has digital world, and paper books are loosing their position as the main source of information. There is the feeling that the former western cultural structure, based mainly on written knowledge is in deep crisis. Digital technology is making confrontation with books; text is loosing against images. Younger generations choose the digital world to have fast information through images or videos instead of reading texts. ‘Fahrenheit 666’ reacts to these changes. It suggests the burning temperature of the digital page.

It is also worth to remember the concept of Mark of the Beast as defined in the Bible. Is our technological society really moving toward a mass control system where nobody will be able to sell and buy without the mark/digital ID? Our immaterial book possesses the physicality of a real book and spreads like a virus, being freely available on the Internet. Is this the future of freedom from regulamentations and rules or maybe we’re moving toward a real nightmare, with our lifes completely dependent on a fragile and omnipresent digital network like the Internet ?


Extracts from the book: